A tailor-made approach

The Salvage Foundation works for all fire insurers in the Netherlands. Often there are specific requirements when passing on a claim. For instance, when people have died, when there is interruption of business or where millions of euros of damage are involved.
If you wish, we may arrange a customized claim for you. Please let us know in which cases you would like to be called instantly and we register this in our reporting system.
When the Salvage coordinator is reporting off at the Salvage Emergency centre after the action, he will pass on the information he has been able to discover. In approximately 50% of all reports, it also involves the name of the insurance company. Subsequently, the insurer concerned may receive a message of the damage by phone or email.
All fire insurers have contacts who are available for consultation or for passing on an urgency call after office hours. These contacts are known to the Salvage Foundation and can be approached by the Salvage Emergency centre if needed.