Coming to terms with the fire

1_3_slachtofferwijzer72It takes time to come to terms with all the emotions that have come up as a result of the fire. Many people experience that the shock continues to be with them for a long time. After a kitchen fire they will afterwards excessively check if the gas burner is off. That is not unusual. People react in all kinds of ways on such traumatic experiences, for instance by having sleep-disturbances, nightmares, feelings of guilt and concentration problems. Do you recognize this? It may also be the case that you suffer from stronger emotions, so that you will need support. In that case you will be referred to a special website for victims. It lists organizations providing assistance with emotional, legislative or practical matters.

Sharing experiences

We know from experience that fire victims like to read about experiences from other victims. They often recognize situations and it is helpful to read how others deal with them. Would you also like to share your story? Please mail us- we may place it on our website or in our half-yearly magazine called ‘Uit de Brand’.