Putting all facts in order

The Salvage Foundation is mostly called on when there is a fire in buildings where the fire brigade is putting out blazes. Because of this, we have obtained a clear picture of all those fires.
Would you like to see the facts and figures on fires in the Netherlands in recent years? You may find the most interesting ones below.

  • Figures of Salvage fire alarms

    The number of Salvage fire alarms and adjoining premises through 2015

    The number of fire alarms that required the efforts of Salvage has increased with 2,5% during the past year, compared to 2014. The increase is even more with the number of adjoining premises. These are the surrounding buildings that have been damaged as well, due to the fire. The efforts of Salvage, inclusive of these adjoining premises, have increased to 6,2% in 2015, compared to 2014. The number of adjoining premises is increasing, too. This indicates that more buildings are involved than used to be in the past.

    Aantal Salvagemeldingen en belendingen tm 2015