Our network is always accessible

Salvage is called in by the fire officer or by the responsible local government official (Duty Officer of the Public Care department). We have a national network consisting of about 140 coordinators who are able to act twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. The travelling time of a coordinator is about three quarters of an hour. That is why it is useful to call him in as fast as possible, and, if possible, just after we received the first call on the scene. This will reduce the waiting time for the fire victims and it gives you the possibility to smoothly transfer the tasks to the coordinator.

What should be done when there is no fire?

It is useful to call in Salvage assistance when there is damage arising from fire, lightning strikes and explosions. These involve fires that have caused damage to the contents of buildings, such as houses, companies, nursing homes etc.
In case of other damage, such as damage arising from water, storm or damage with chemical substances, we may also provide assistance after the insurance company has given its assent. In order to do so, we need the name of the fire victim’s insurance company. You may pass on this name to the operator. In case of doubt, we advise you to contact us, then we will discuss with you if assistance from Salvage should be called in. Our emergency centre is available on a 24-hour basis at 088 – 40 40 200.

You should always call in the services of the Salvage Foundation in case of:

  • Fires with many fire victims
  • Fires with (more than one) adjacent premises
  • Medium-sized and major fires
  • Fires that cause interruption of business
  • Fires in public sector buildings