We are responsible for extinguishing the fire

‘By being the fire brigade, it is our primary task to save fire victims and their pet(s), to fight the fire and to prevent the fire from spreading. But first aid during a fire cannot do without first aid after a fire. That is why we often contact Salvage. They start operating when we have (almost) finished the extinguishing operation. It is their job to support the fire victims and put them at ease. In this way we can focus entirely on the fire and achieve more together.’

Salvage for the tears

‘During the process of providing assistance, we are in close contact with the Salvage coordinator. As a team we discuss which steps need to be taken first and we inform and advise one another on the relevant issues that will serve the fire victims as much as possible. A fire is a stressful experience and Salvage pays personal attention to the concerns of the victims. There could be no better transfer of services. So when we leave, we feel confident knowing that Salvage takes good care of the fire victims, also when they have burst into tears.’