Calling in fast is of great importance

While you are coordinating the extinguishing operation, the Salvage coordinator may be of service to you by supporting the fire victims, as they need to have attention and advice on the next steps to be taken. We would like to know the names of all concerned, where they are insured and where they may be contacted for the procedure of the claim settlement. The Salvage coordinator pays attention to these matters and brings the fire victims into focus.

What measures does Salvage take?

Sometimes Salvage coordinators hear that firemen think that we come and clean everything. We come and act on behalf of the fire victim’s insurance company. We see to it that the damage will not increase and call in a cleaning agency to this end. But we are not the ones who clean; the insurance company takes care of that.
We stabilize the situation. Which involves for instance a building being boarded up, due to very serious pollution. When the damage is less serious, we see to it that the smell of fire is removed, that the place is ventilated or that water is drained off. We put valuable items into storage for the purpose of having them cleaned later on. In some cases a limited number of rooms on the scene are cleaned, for example only the kitchen and the bedroom, so that the fire victims will be able to stay in their house.
The consequence of a fire in a firm or a shop often results in having to close down for a while, which means that the production or sales are at a standstill. The longer it takes, the more likely this may result in bankruptcy. Then Salvage sees to it that the insurance company will be called in as soon as possible and that measures are taken to limit this interruption of business. As an example, you may think of measuring the amount of chloride, dehumidifying, and draining off water.

First aid after a fire

We focus on three aspects in our work:

icon-stap-aandacht ATTENTION: we provide first aid and assistance

The Salvage coordinator takes immediate care of the fire victims, puts their minds at rest and supports them during this stressful and chaotic experience. He assists them with everything that needs to be arranged as much as he can, and listens to all their experiences.

icon-stap-actie ACTION: we are striving for damage limitation>

The Salvage coordinator assesses the situation on the scene and creates stability by taking measures that prevent more distress and damage. Depending on the scale of damage, he calls in a certified calamity relief company that takes care of, for instance, draining off the water, boarding up windows and doors, removing the smell of fire or securing valuable items. If necessary, he also organizes temporary accommodation.

icon-stap-advies ADVICE: we advise all parties concerned
The Salvage coordinator asks for insurance details and informs our Salvage emergency centre. They report the damage to the insurer concerned, who will initiate the claim settlement.
The Salvage coordinator will also advise the fire victims about steps that need to be taken once he has left, such as contacting the landlord, the energy company or the fitter, informing the insurance broker and making an inventory of all damaged items.
By being on the scene, the Salvage coordinator is often the expert contact for the authorities.