We settle the claim:

‘When a fire causes damage, then it is of course very tragic for those who are affected. A fire usually has enormous consequences. Naturally, we will send someone to settle the claim and discover the cause or send a repair business that immediately swings into action. When there is damage, it is the right moment for us as insurance companies to show what we are worth. That is why we want to be on the scene as fast as possible.’

Salvage gives first aid:

‘When we as Salvage coordinators are called in, this may well be after office hours, because around 70% of all notifications of a fire is during that time. Just then the accessibility of insurance brokers or insurance companies is not up to scratch. Sometimes people do not even know which insurance company they have been insured with, because the policies are not always close at hand. Salvage has permission from all fire insurers to go to the scene immediately after a fire, lightning strike or explosion. Firemen therefore do not need to sort out whether or not, and if so where, someone has been insured. That is what Salvage does after the fire and thus we guarantee first aid after a fire, on behalf of the insurance companies. After the minds of the victims have been put to ease and the situation has stabilized, we pass it on to the insurance companies, who in turn will settle the claim for their customer.’

Corporate social responsibility

‘The Salvage Foundation is unique in Europe. As insurers we think that we can be proud of that. The strength of this foundation is that it expresses the socially responsible role that we have as the joint branch of insurers.
Then it is not only about the financial part we may benefit from when we limit the damage, but, above all, it is a socially responsible role that we have towards the victim who suffers the loss of damage. And we think that the Salvage Foundation is a very beautiful instrument in this.’