A day nursery on fire

‘In the night of 5 June to 6 June, I am called out of bed at half past four. Our day nursery is on fire, that is to say, the wooden shed that adjoins it. Then the flames spread to the zinc roof of the nursery, behind which are wooden beams that catch fire as well. When I arrive after some time, firemen run in and out of the place. The first thing that crosses my mind is: ‘My God, will they be able to manage?’ But soon I realize that, fortunately enough, there are no children. Despite the chaos, it appears that there is no water damage inside.

The children will be at our doorstep again in just a few hours

Right after the fire brigade have withdrawn, Salvage coordinator Benno reports to me, a very passionate man. He completely puts me at ease. We will be able to open up at half past eight, I am so relieved. Within an hour, cleaners of a certified calamity relief company are going to clear away the first piles of rubble. Immediately after that, he calls the TFI: Team Fire Investigation, as it is most likely that the fire has been started deliberately. Loitering teens have been a nuisance around the nursery for quite a while.

Lines of direct communication

The men of the certified calamity relief company know exactly what they are doing. As I need to think of a lot of things at the same time, I am very glad that Benno is able to advise and assist me when needed and that he has some good advice about the further course of events. During a course at the beginning of this year, I heard of Salvage for the first time, now I experience everything they are doing personally. The TFI employee arrives early in the morning. I am surprised at how quickly these matters are dealt with, apparently Salvage has lines of direct communication with other parties.

Crucial assistance

Around noon, when the dust has settled a bit, I find a moment to step back and look at what happened. This was the first time that I closely witnessed a fire. If it happened again, I would know better what to do. This time I was overtaken by everything that happened, so the first aid after a fire that was provided by the Salvage coordinator was really crucial. Benno kept me going during those early, chaotic hours.’