The need for taking immediate action

‘At our fire brigade control centre, no-one knows better than we do that every minute counts when a fire breaks out. Then it is very important to call out the nearest fire brigade as soon as possible. Due to a fire, a building or company is often no longer accessible, and therefore the fire victims are instantly homeless. They will have all kinds of questions, which needs attention. The Salvage coordinator takes care of these people. If possible, when we receive the first call on the scene, we will ask if a Salvage coordinator should be called in. One tends to forget this in the heat of the moment. That is how we support the commanding officer who is on the scene. A Salvage coordinator can be called in through the Salvage emergency centre as they know who is most suited to the calamity and who can be on the scene within an hour. This is important, because Salvage is able to act very fast and effectively, right after the fire.’

Every minute counts

When there is a small fire, the fire brigade can often finish early and the Salvage coordinator will not be called in until the fire hoses have been rolled up. The firemen leave and often there is a policeman who will receive the Salvage coordinator. Most of them need an hour before they are there. When, in the meantime, the attending police receive an assignment with a high priority, the fire victims will be left behind. The faster Salvage is contacted, the sooner the coordinator will be there. As a result, he will be able to assist the fire victims more quickly and in this case too, every minute counts.