First aid after a fire

The Salvage Foundation guarantees first aid and assistance to victims after a fire. We do our best to stabilize the situation that is usually chaotic after a fire as much as we can, and to assist people in a way that is most agreeable to them. We come into action for everyone, and also assist people who are not insured.

A fire is a very stressful and emotional experience that may have far-reaching consequences. People who have experienced a fire are often bewildered or in shock. The Salvage coordinator is then at the ready for them to provide first aid. This aid is free of charge.

The Salvage coordinator is the central key figure

As soon as an emergency call has come in, our emergency centre instantly sends in a Salvage coordinator to the scene of the fire. In principle this coordinator will be on the scene within an hour. He focuses on the victims and the sorrow that has come over them, he takes action so as to prevent the damage from increasing further and gives advice to everyone involved. When it is impossible to stay in the house, he will consult with the victims to find an alternative. This could involve staying with relatives or friends, but accommodation in a hotel is possible as well. When the situation has stabilized, the Salvage coordinator will report his findings to the insurance companies, so that they are also informed. The Salvage coordinator is an indispensable, neutral and decisive care worker.

24/7 active throughout the Netherlands

We are active across the Netherlands and there are coordinators in all provinces. That is why we can guarantee to be on the scene within an hour after the emergency call by the fire brigade. We therefore work closely with the fire brigade and the municipalities.

An independent foundation

The Salvage Foundation is an independent foundation and was set up in 1986 by the joint fire insurers that are all members of the Association of Insurers. The objective was to improve the service of those insurers to their customers and to speed up the claims settlement by providing practical assistance and care after a fire. These objectives still have not changed after thirty years. The assistance is highly appreciated and has become an integral part in the Dutch aid-effectiveness.

The operational expenses of Salvage have been covered in the policy conditions of all fire insurers and is free of charge for victims.