What has Salvage organized?

Salvage is available for first aid after a fire. We will often be on the scene during the extinguishing operation. We will help you with practical matters that need to be organized urgently, like for instance shelter. We will also take measures to ensure damage control. And of course we will be listening to all your concerns, because you will probably be terrified by what happened.

1_1_praktische_hulp_binnen_een_uur72The Salvage coordinator will be on the scene within an hour. When firemen and policemen are still there, he will assess the situation with them. After that, he will discuss with you what needs to be done. If necessary, he will immediately contact a company that prevents the damage from increasing even further. By night and during the weekends as well. The company is a certified calamity relief company which takes care of:

  • boarding up windows or doors
  • draining off water
  • removing soot
  • clearing up fire debris
  • removing the smell of fire
  • safely storing valuable items

Furthermore, our focus is on you. We will arrange shelter with and for you, in a hotel if needed. You will be advised and get information about the way the damage should be settled and we will report the damage to your insurance company.

Free of charge

The support that is offered by the Salvage foundation is entirely free. Your own insurance company will pay the costs, you will not receive an invoice.
Are there any further questions?
Do you wish to know what else needs to be organized? Or you may also have further questions about the insurance, your further course of action or about your valuable items that have been stored. Fill in our contactform and you will get a quick repons.