Would you like to be a coordinator?

The Salvage Foundation does not employ any coordinators. The Salvage coordinators are fire damage experts who have a permanent job at independent firms of experts. The Salvage Foundation has an Assignment Contract with these firms. Being a coordinator at Salvage is combined with their main task as a fire damage expert. They are appointed by the Salvage Foundation, after having successfully completed the training. Are you a damage expert and would you like to be a coordinator? Please ask about the possibilities at your firm of experts.

Qualities of the coordinators

All our coordinators have acquired a number of qualifications. They have knowledge about danger risks and have the skills to cope with the effects of fire. Besides that, they have extensive knowledge of underwriting matters. Apart from the qualifications, a number of basic characteristics is very important. Our coordinators are panic proof problem solvers and good interlocutors. They have well-developed communication skills, also during distressful situations. Moreover, they are motivated to provide good services, day and night.